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Built by Chris Buckingham (son of Guy, the Nota creator)
at Parramatta in New South Wales, Australia,
the Fang (or Nota Type IV).

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Front Track:  49"
Rear Track:  48"
Wheelbase:  89"
Overall Length:  133"
Overall Height:  37"
Ground Clearance:  5"+/- 2"
Curb Weight:  1064 lbs

Front:  Independent wide base A arms.  Adjustable height and dampening through Koni Shockers.
Rear:  Independent unequal length A arms, telescopic shockers and compressed rubber cone springing.

Front:  Hydraulic drum twin leading shoe 1 x 8", fully ventilated for cooling.
Rear:  Hydraulic drum leading and trailing shoe 1 x 7" fully ventilated.
Hand Brake:  Mounted between seats, cable operated

Body and Chassis
Tubular steel space frame with semi-stressed alloy tub section, roll bar incorporated.  Progressively collapsible sections front and rear, with detachable (bolt on) fibreglass panelling.

Battery:  12 volt, 9 plate 70 amp/hr
Headlights:  Bosch 5" 45/40 watt built in, parking lamp 10 watt
Tail Lamps:  Campbell 10 watt tail, 21 watt brake and blinker
Blinker:  Stanley 21 watt front
Lucas Horn
Wiper Motor:
  (self-parking) coil and distributor
Total power cut out switch in cockpit

Fuel Tank
8 gallon tank, behind seat

Interior and Boot:  Fully carpeted
Dash:  Wooden with padded surround
Seats:  Grain vinyl (parallel quilting)
Colours:  Black, Tan, Red
Hood and Side Curtains:  Same colours as above as well as white.

Mini Automotive's 'Nota' knowledge and experience can assist you with repairs, 
maintenance and preparation for racing.

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